In addition to healthy food and "classic" sports nutrition, there are also supplements that can support you as an athlete. Read below which supplements can provide you with an added value.

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Do you exercise frequently and intensively, with the aim of improving your performance or optimising your body composition? Healthy, basic nutrition is often insufficient. Depending on your need for fluids, proteins and/or carbohydrates, but also for practical reasons, supplementing with sports nutrition makes sense.

When we think of sports nutrition, what comes to mind are sports drinks, bars and gels that you can use before and/or during exercise, as well as recovery drinks & shakes that contribute to recovery. Yet there are also some nutritional supplements that are appropriate in specific situations.


Performance-enhancing supplements for ambitious athletes

Do you sport at a competitive level, or are you focused on your sport and is the goal to get the most out of yourself? Then be sure to consider one of the nutritional supplements below. Which performance-enhancing supplements work for you, depends on your sport and personal targets.

The most well-known performance-enhancing supplement is caffeine. Caffeine provides a physical and mental boost. Especially in team sports where endurance and short (consecutive) maximum efforts alternate. The CAFFEINE GUM is mainly recommended for efforts or competitions lasting up to 2 hours.

Right before or during an endurance effort, the ENERGY + CAFFEINE GEL is the most practical choice for maintaining caffeine levels in the blood, or rather boosting them in the run-up to a tough or decisive race moment (e.g. steep climb or final of a race).

The 6d NITRATE SHOT is an effective supplement for athletes who want to improve their endurance and sprinting ability. After just one intake 2-3 hours before the race you can already notice improvement. Well-trained endurance athletes should start taking NITRATE SHOT several days before the competition for an optimal effect.

Athletes who frequently acidify as a result of one or more short and maximum efforts (1-10 min), even when they occur during an endurance effort (e.g. incline during cycling race, football match), may consider some "acid buffers". BETA-ALANINE SR CARNOSYN is the ideal supplement to build up buffer capacity from 6-12 weeks before a major sporting goal/peak period, while SODIUM BICARBONATE and/or ISOBUFFER SPORTS DRINK can be used earlier on the race day itself.

Are you rather looking for more strength, muscle mass and/or explosiveness? Then CREATINE CREAPURE is the product you need. On the other hand, endurance athletes who want to boost their fat burning during a race, which results in saving more glycogen (sugars), leaves them with more sugars at the end. These athletes will benefit from using L-CARNITINE CARNIPURE.

Supplement to enhance recovery

During an important and intense competition period with little recovery time between races, consider CHERRY JUICE as a supplement to a recovery drink. This 100% natural sour cherry juice concentrate has a very powerful anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effect. This ensures less muscle soreness and therefore a better recovery of your performance!

Supplements in addition to nutritional deficiencies

Despite good basic nutrition, there is still the possibility of certain nutritional deficiencies that can negatively affect overall health. Consider iron (IRON FERROCHEL) or vitamin D deficiency (VITAMIN D3 DROPS).

OMEGA-3 supplementation can also be useful in the case of a one-sided diet in which no or insufficient fish is eaten. A MULTI VITAMIN is usually only useful when there is an increased risk of nutritional deficiencies. Such deficiencies can occur in athletes with a one-sided diet or during a long-term energy-restricted diet aimed at weight loss.

Any questions?

When in doubt about the necessity, effect and/or use of a nutritional supplement, we always recommend consulting a professional (sports dietician or sports doctor). You can also get in touch through our contact page.