Sodium Bicarbonate - 120 caps

  • 1125mg / capsule
  • Easy dosing
  • No additives
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Product description

Muscles primarily use sugars as an energy source during short, high-intensity exercise. Muscle glycogen is converted into lactic acid, which is then converted into lactate and protons (H+). These protons cause acidification, especially in muscles. This is a major cause of exhaustion during short, high-intensity exercise (30 seconds to 5 minutes). However, the body has its own protection mechanism in the form of "buffers". The greater the reserve of these buffers in the body, the "buffer capacity", the more lactic acid can be produced during exercise without acidification. In fact, acidification only occurs once the degree of proton production exceeds the buffer capacity. The protons that are formed are no longer buffered, the acidity of the muscles and blood rises. This can even make you feel really nauseous. The buffering capacity of the body can be increased by exercise and probably also by altitude training. However, another popular strategy to increase the buffer capacity of the blood to better protect the body against acidification is to take additional sodium bicarbonate for the "anaerobic effort".

Sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline salt (i.e. antacid) that increases the concentration of bicarbonate (HCO3-) in the body when consumed in high doses. This makes the blood more alkaline and less acidic. This also stimulates the transport of lactate out of muscle cells. Numerous scientific studies show that oral consumption of sodium bicarbonate in high doses can improve performance in short, high-intensity exercise lasting 30 seconds to 5 minutes. For example, this is particularly applicable for competitive swimming, sprints and middle-distance numbers in athletics, sprint cycling on the track, as well as rowing or kayaking. This also applies when short, high-intensity efforts are made during endurance sports. Furthermore, oral consumption of sodium bicarbonate after a short, high-intensity effort has also been shown to speed up restoration of the acid balance in the body. This, in turn, can improve performance during the next high-intensity effort. For example, this applies to successive bouts on a competition day in judo, consecutive rounds in boxing, or the different numbers with omnium cycling on the track.

The classic usage protocol is 0.3 to 0.4 grams of sodium bicarbonate per kg of body weight taken during the last 1 to 2 hours before a short, high-intensity effort. This corresponds to a dose of 18 to 32 grams for people weighing 60 to 80 kg. However, this procedure is often accompanied by severe gastrointestinal complaints, especially diarrhoea, due to the excessive intake of salt (sodium). However, recent research shows that these gastrointestinal complaints can be reduced by spreading the sodium bicarbonate consumption over a longer period before exercise.

Suggested use

Aim for a total intake of 0.3 to 0.4 grams of 6d SODIUM BICARBONATE per kilogram of body weight. This corresponds to 16 (0.3 g/kg, 60-kg person) to 28 (0.4 g/kg, 80-kg person) capsules 2 to 8 hours before the start of the effort. You can use the classic loading protocol if you experience minor or no gastrointestinal complaints.

Take all capsules during the 90 to 120 minutes prior to the start of the competition. If you are sensitive to gastrointestinal complaints, take the capsules gradually over 6 to 8 hours. Take most capsules with one or more meals (5-10 capsules) and smaller doses (2-3 capsules) in between, possibly with a small snack.

The very high concentration of sodium in 6d SODIUM BICARBONATE greatly increases the risk of gastrointestinal complaints. To reduce this risk, it is strongly recommended that the capsules be taken with enough water. Keep in mind that taking sodium and water in high doses can increase your body weight which, in turn, can negatively affect performance.

Ingredients per capsule

1125mg sodium bicarbonate; (capsule ingredient: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose).

More Information
Gluten free Yes
Low-carb Yes
Weight 150g
Vegetarian Yes
Vegan Yes
Lactose-free Yes
CNK-code 4125977