About 6d Sports Nutrition

6d Sports Nutrition: Inspired by Athletes, Driven by Science

Athletes are true heroes. They persevere where others give up, even if it means making sacrifices. They commit to increasingly ambitious goals and feel an uncontrollable urge to gain victory over both themselves and others. They dream of new highs without worrying about the lows and thus inspire the whole world.

6d Sports Nutrition recognises this passion, this drive to get the most out of a sport. We take inspiration from athletes every day and we develop exceptional nutritional supplements for athletes based on solid scientific research. This way, we always move side by side with the heroes and dreamers, helping them get more out of their sport and recover from their trailblazing efforts as fast as possible. Because those who are passionate about sports know that sometimes the best support can make a world of difference.

All our products have a 100% scientifically proven effect and comply with the strict Informed Sport anti-doping programme. In addition, we deliberately select the highest quality ingredients and flavours, and the effectiveness and taste of our range is frequently and thoroughly tested by professional and recreational athletes. With their help, we can turn you into a hero too.

6d Sports Nutrition: 6 dimensions

Scientifically proven

All our products are science based and thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards and guarantee maximum effectiveness.

Quality ingredients

Forget the inconvenience of inferior products; we always select quality ingredients and manufacture our products in-house, so you can exercise in optimal comfort.

Inspired by athletes

We believe athletes are true heroes. And that’s why we carefully listen to their needs so we can support them as well as possible.

Goal and performance oriented

Because athletes set ambitious goals for themselves, we do the same. It also means that we never cease to innovate.

Passionate about sports

To make sure we can offer the best advice every single day we have our own team of reliable, dedicated experts who are truly passionate about sports.

Great taste & convenience

We strive for the best. That's why our products are not just convenient to use, but also easy to digest and tasty.