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Protein drinks and shakes have become indispensable in the sports world. They are also becoming increasingly popular in our everyday life. But what are the main differences between the various recovery drinks and shakes? Read below which shake you should take when.

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Whey Protein Whey Drink Vegan Protein Night Protein Recovery Shake
Throughout the day, to supplement daily protein requirements. ✔️ ✔️
After a short explosive workout, strength training or low-intensity endurance training. ✔️ ✔️
After an intense endurance effort or field session, especially when another heavy session is scheduled within the next 24-48 hours. ✔️
After an intense endurance effort or field session, when there is >48 hours recovery time, or when you want to deliberately keep carbohydrate intake low (e.g. energy-restricted diet). ✔️ ✔️
Before bedtime with the aim of building extra muscle mass. ✔️
Before bedtime with the aim of limiting muscle mass loss and maximising muscle recovery (e.g. energy-restricted diet, heavy competition/training periods). ✔️
After exercise, throughout the day, or before bedtime when you cannot tolerate milk proteins or do not wish to consume animal products. ✔️

What is the difference between a protein shake and a recovery drink?

Simply explained, a protein shake contains only proteins, while a recovery drink contains a hefty dose of carbohydrates and electrolytes in addition to proteins.

Milk-based protein shakes

The proteins naturally found in milk consist of ±20% whey proteins and ±80% casein. Both proteins are full-fledged proteins and contain all the essential amino acids that muscles need to recover optimally. However, there are some important differences between these milk proteins.

Quick-absorbable protein shakes based on whey proteins

Whey protein is naturally very rich in leucine and is absorbed the fastest by the body. Therefore, whey protein is the best choice immediately after exercise or throughout the day to supplement daily protein needs. Especially when it comes to a whey protein isolate, such as the WHEY PROTEIN or the WHEY DRINK.

Whey isolate contains significantly more protein, less lactose and less fat per 100g than a cheaper whey concentrate. As a result, these proteins are absorbed even faster and this product is also suitable for athletes with lactose intolerance or those wishing to avoid extra calories from fat and carbohydrates.

Because of its creamy taste, WHEY PROTEIN is very suitable as an addition to smoothies, oatmeal and other dishes. WHEY DRINK, on the other hand, is rather fresh and fruity in taste, so it can only be used as a protein drink.

Slow-absorbing casein-based protein shakes

Casein, unlike whey protein, is absorbed very slowly by the body and provides muscles with the necessary building blocks for a longer period of time. The ideal choice just before sleeping, or prior to fasting (e.g. when intermittent fasting or Ramadan).

Casein shakes, such as NIGHT PROTEIN, are frequently used by strength athletes who want to build extra muscle mass. Casein shakes are also used during an energy-restricted diet, or very heavy training and competition periods, to reduce muscle mass loss and boost muscle recovery.

When do I opt for a recovery drink?

Any athlete who trains frequently and intensively benefits from a consistent intake of protein after exercise. You have to earn the extra dose of carbohydrates and calories found in a recovery drink, such as RECOVERY SHAKE. Have you exhausted most, or all of your body's carbohydrate stores after heavy (endurance) exercise, and do you have another heavy exercise scheduled in the next 24-48 hours? Then take your shake immediately after exercise.

After a power session, an explosive sprint session or a low-intensity endurance exercise where you have mainly used your fat reserves, a protein shake is often sufficient. A protein shake is also recommended if you consciously want to limit your carbohydrate intake after exercise, such as with an energy-restricted diet. Especially if you like to get your carbohydrates from your "diet" as much as possible.

Plant-based protein shakes: a suitable alternative?

If you can’t tolerate milk protein, or you consciously want to avoid eating animal products? Then the VEGAN PROTEIN is the best choice for you. Since we have combined different vegetable protein sources and enriched them with leucine, you can use this shake perfectly after exercise. If you prefer more carbohydrates, use rice milk as a substitute for water.

Throughout the day, VEGAN PROTEIN is also an excellent choice. Before sleeping, it is recommended to use soy milk instead of water for an extra serving of protein. Nowadays, plant-based protein shakes do not fall short of other products. The days were plant-based protein shakes tasted like earth, are long behind us.

We can conclude that the best shake for you, depends mainly on the type of exercise and your personal goals and/or preferences.

Prefer a snack?

Do you prefer a quick and tasty "snack" to a shake after exercise or throughout the day? Then be sure to check out our PROTEIN BAR.