Sports Series

We take the guesswork out of fueling

Our SPORTS SERIES is scientifically designed as an integrated system, with every product representing 1 SPORTS UNIT. This allows you to meticulously plan, practice, and optimize your fueling strategies during training and competition. You can easily recognize our SPORTS SERIES by its distinctive blue color.

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  1. Sports Drink - 1kg
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  2. Sports Gel - 6x45ml
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  3. Sports Ice - 8x77ml
  4. Sports Chew - 10x38g
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  5. Sports Bar - 6x46g
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  6. Sports Nougat 6x35g
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  7. Sports Cake - 6x41g
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6d Sports Unit

A SPORTS UNIT is a dosing unit that represents exactly 30 g of carbohydrates in a 2:1 CARB RATIO. This optimal balance allows for intakes of up to 3 SPORTS UNITS per hour, providing efficient fuel supply and great taste.


Based on your sport, your exercise intensity or goals, take 1, 2 or even up to 3 SPORTS UNITS per hour during exercise. The choice of products (drinks, gels, or bars) depends on your personal preference, and your need for fluids and sodium (+electrolytes).


In hot weather or when your sweat rates are high, it’s beneficial to consume more SPORTS UNITS via our SPORTS DRINK. This way, you’ll be getting your fluid and electrolytes together with your carbohydrates for optimal hydration.

In cooler weather, your hydration and sodium needs are lower, so using more SPORTS UNITS without added sodium through bars or chews makes sense.

Our gels provide the middle ground in sodium dose, making them suitable for use in both hot and cold conditions, with water as the main fluid provider.