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Energy gels initially gained popularity in running. Currently, they are indispensable in endurance sports and have also become well-established in team sports. They are a perfect alternative to energy bars when you need something quick! Read below to find out which gel is the best choice for you!

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Which gel should I use when?

It cannot be denied that certain types of gels are preferred in specific circumstances due to their composition and/or size. Please refer to the table below for a complete overview:

Summary table

Isogel Isogel + Caffeine Energy Gel Energy Gel + Caffeine Ultra Gel Ultra Gel + Caffeine
Before an exercise of 1-2 hours. ✔️
Before an exercise of > 2 hours, if you can drink water. ✔️
During an exercise of 1-2 hours (endurance sports/team sports). ✔️
During endurance exercise (> 2 hours) in normal to hot weather, if you can drink water. ✔️
During endurance exercise (> 2 hours) where extra water intake is not possible (e.g., during the final stage of a competition, climbing) or desired (in cold weather). ✔️
During endurance exercise (> 3 hours) in normal to hot weather, if you can drink water, and are aiming for a carbohydrate intake of 90-120g per hour. ✔️
During endurance exercise, particularly 30-60 minutes before a challenging and/or decisive moment in a competition. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

What are Energy Gels?

The most well-known "energy gels" are the more compact and therefore more viscous gels like our ENERGY GEL. This gel consists of 75% carbohydrates (30g/40ml). It is a highly concentrated gel, best consumed with a few sips of water. This creates a "diluted concentration" in the stomach, allows for faster absorption, and significantly reduces the chances of gastrointestinal issues.

Thanks to the 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio and the addition of sodium (200mg/40ml), the ENERGY GEL is the best choice for endurance activities lasting > 2 hours. The ENERGY + CAFFEINE GEL also contains 75mg of caffeine. It is ideal to use during endurance activities leading up to a challenging and/or decisive moment in a competition.

Are you aiming for higher carbohydrate intake during exercise? Considering consuming 90g of carbohydrates per hour or even 120g per hour? In that case, you can replace 1 to 2 ENERGY GELS every hour with an ULTRA GEL. These gels contain 45g of carbohydrates (1:1 CARB MIX) and 200mg of sodium per gel. Drinking sufficient water after each intake is also crucial with this gel! If an extra boost is desired, you can also opt for our ULTRA GEL + CAFFEINE!

What are drink gels or isogels?

Increasingly popular are the "drink gels." These gels are often larger in size (60ml) and therefore have a thinner consistency (texture). Like the compact energy gels, these gels need to be consumed with water for better absorption. An exception to this rule are the "isotonic gels" such as our ISOGEL and ISOGEL + CAFFEINE. These gels are an extremely liquid form of a drink gel, similar to a sports drink, where you don't need to drink additional water for fast absorption because they are isotonic on their own.

They are the best choice when you need energy quickly and when you cannot or do not want to drink simultaneously. Think of moments just before or during interval sports like football. Although these gels are less suitable for prolonged endurance activities due to the lack of a 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio and sodium, they still have their place during moments when you cannot drink extra water. Consider a climb or the final stages of a cycling race. If an extra boost is desired, you can choose the ISOGEL + CAFFEINE!

Taste and personal preference

The taste and personal preference regarding consistency (texture) are also important factors when choosing a gel. Some athletes don't enjoy a sticky gel and prefer an isotonic gel because it has a more "watery" consistency.

Other athletes may opt for a "chew" like the ENERGY FRUIT and ENERGY FRUIT + CAFFEINE. This product falls somewhere between a gel and an energy bar in terms of texture. You can consider the ENERGY FRUIT as a "thickened" energy gel, allowing it to be used in the same situations.