Variety Pack - Endurance

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This pack contains 9 “servings” of “energy” such as sports drinks, gels and bars, together with a drink bottle and 6d FUELING SYSTEM. This pack is a great and easy introduction to a broad selection of our premium energy products.

  • 3 servings ISOTONIC SPORTS DRINK + 1 drink bottle
  • 1 chew, of which 1 ENERGY FRUIT
  • 2 gels, of which 1 ENERGY GEL and 1 ISOGEL+CAFFEINE
  • 3 bars, of which 1 ENERGY BAR, 1 ENERGY NOUGAT & 1 ENERGY CAKE
  • 6d FUELING SYSTEM, which explains exactly how to use the products.


Specifically, this pack contains the following products:

  • 1x DRINK BOTTLE ELITE – 550ml
  • 1x ISOTONIC SPORTS DRINK – Lemon-Lime 35g
  • 1x ISOTONIC SPORTS DRINK – Agrum 35g
  • 1x ISOTONIC SPORTS DRINK – Blueberry 35g
  • 1x ENERGY FRUIT – Apricot 32g
  • 1x ENERGY GEL – Mango 40ml
  • 1x ISOGEL + CAFFEINE – Pineapple 60ml
  • 1x ENERGY CAKE – Chocolate 44g
  • 1x ENERGY BAR – Cherry 50g
  • 1x ENERGY NOUGAT – Lemon 35g

Suggested usage

See separate product pages for a detailed usage advice per product. Look for the “6d FUELING SYSTEM” in the box for a more detailed and integrated usage advice based on your exercise activity!

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