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Leaders in Performance Conference Report

2019-11-13 by Peter Hespel & Martijn Redegeld

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Last month, 6d Sports Nutrition attended the "Leaders in Performance Conference: Sports Nutrition" at the Olympic Training Centre Papendal in the Netherlands. At this annual conference, various international top scientists presented the latest updates from a wide range of specialisations in nutritional science to sports dietitians, scientists, coaches and people from the business community. 6d attended the conference to acquire more knowledge and to become acquainted with Dutch experts in the field. A detailed report on the day is set out below.

"Brain food" – Prof. dr. Meeusen

The day started with a lecture by Prof. dr. Meeusen about the role of nutrition on our brains and possible ways of improving sports performance through nutrition. More specifically:

Guidelines for the intake of carbohydrates – Prof. dr. Jeukendrup

After this, Prof. dr. Jeukendrup shared the most recent scientific developments concerning the intake of carbohydrates for different types of physical activities. The most significant conclusions were as follows:

"Training low" – Does it really work? – Prof. dr. Hawley

After this, Prof. dr. Hawley discussed the advantages of "training low", where the muscle glycogen levels are kept intentionally low during and/or after training. The most important message was:

The importance of protein during a period of weight loss – Prof. dr. Philips

Prof. dr. Philips then elaborate on the importance of protein during a period of weight loss. The most important topics from his lecture were as follows:

The most recent state of affairs concerning nitrates – Prof. dr. Jones

Professor Jones, an expert on the performance enhancing effects of nitrates, then provided an update on the latest scientific developments in this field.

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? – Prof. dr. Betts

Professor Betts was the final speaker and his presentation was about the facts and myths surrounding the importance of breakfast. His key conclusions were as follows:

Speed updates

During the "speed update" sessions, the nutritional experts present provided updates on a variety of topics, including: