Webinars - Carbohydrate Series

Webinar 1: Why ingest carbohydrates during exercise?

Have you ever wondered why precisely carbohydrate ingestion improves endurance exercise performance? Is it more than just extra fuel supply? And did you ever wonder why carbohydrates are superior to fat for fueling your high-intensity endurance efforts?

Webinar 2: How much carbohydrates should you ingest?

Have you ever wondered about the ideal dose for running a marathon, playing a soccer match, or going to the gym? And do you know how to adequately distribute carbohydrate intake before and during exercise?

Webinar 3: Solid or fluid carbohydrates; which is best?

It is important to ingest between 0 and 90g carbohydrates per hour. Dose is key! However, an identical dose can be ingested via sports drinks, energy gels, energy bars, or other carbohydrate-rich foods or supplements. But are these different carbohydrate formulations equivalent?

Webinar 4: Preparing for competition; pre-exercise carbohydrate intake

Pre-exercise nutrition is crucial in the preparation for optimal endurance training and performance. Can I use my normal breakfast in the approach of a training session to stimulate fat metabolism? What is the ideal pre-exercise meal?